Rhinoplasty: Know Before You Go

Rhinoplasty Englewood NJFor many years, there has been a large amount of interest in the rhinoplasty procedure. To that end, many people consult with their chosen cosmetic surgeon without really knowing that the process entails and what it can – and cannot – do. What often happens is a patient enters the office with an idea, one that goes like “I like Jennifer Aniston’s nose and want to look like that.” Plastic surgeons around the world report patient expectations as a key indicator of successful care. To achieve realistic expectations, the best place to start may be to obtain the fullest extent of information about rhinoplasty.

What a Nose Job Can Do

Rhinoplasty involves reconstruction of a central facial feature. This is a pretty big deal, not only regarding the surgery itself but regarding the way the outcome will affect the quality of life. A nose job can help reduce a hump on the bridge of the nose, narrow the bridge or nostrils, straighten, shorten, or otherwise refine the nose’s tip, length, or width. There may also be functional aspects of the nose job. Septoplasty is different than rhinoplasty due to this functional aspect. This procedure is usually performed to correct a deviated septum.

What a Nose Job Can’t-Do

Perhaps the most important detail to understand before seeking a nose job is that this procedure is not intended to replicate another person’s nose on your face. To do this would be a dishonor to your unique facial structure. For rhinoplasty to be ultimately successful, the final result from nose reshaping should fit on your face. It’s all about proportions. This is why you may admire a certain celebrity’s nose; because the overall proportions of that person’s face are harmonious. Rhinoplasty can moderately alter the shape of the nose. It does not, however, override genetics. The underlying structure cannot be changed to a large degree without diminishing appearance and integrity. Lastly, having a nose job cannot vastly improve self-esteem for a long period. Patients who feel good about themselves before any cosmetic surgery report the greatest satisfaction after their selected procedure.

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