Whether you’ve undergone liposuction or are considering it, you likely have areas of unwanted fat that are interfering with the sleek vision you have for yourself. As a body contouring specialist and board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Richard D’Amico offers his patients a range of advanced treatment options. Consider visiting him for Smartlipo™ laser liposuction in Englewood, NJ to put the finishing touches on your contours.

To find out how liposuction in New Jersey can improve your body contours, request a consultation with Dr. D’Amico using his online form or call (201) 567-9595 to schedule an appointment.

Benefits of Smartlipo

The benefits of Smartlipo go beyond those of traditional liposuction and include*:

  • Sculpting away areas of unwanted fat
  • Refining the results of previous liposuction procedures
  • Tightening treated areas through collagen stimulation
  • Reducing recovery time over traditional liposuction

Who is a Good Candidate?

As with traditional liposuction, a good candidate for Smartlipo is someone who is healthy, fit, and at or near their ideal body weight. This liposuction technology is ideal for those who have localized deposits of fat on areas like the thighs, waist, back, tummy, as well as delicate areas like the chin, neck and ankles.

How Smartlipo Works

What makes Smartlipo different than our other types of liposuction is the laser. Smartlipo uses a thin, laser-tipped cannula that liquefies unwanted fat without harming surrounding tissues. The fat can be left for the body to eliminate naturally or easily suctioned away with a cannula. The laser energy also seals blood vessels for reduced bruising and causes collagen in the surrounding tissues to contract for improved tightening of treated areas.

When performing Smart lipo for his New Jersey patients, Dr. D’Amico can use a local anesthetic in many cases. The procedure typically takes an hour to complete depending on the number of areas being treated. Smartlipo provides excellent results as an individual treatment and when used to enhance other liposuction methods.

Recovery & Results

With Smartlipo, recovery time is usually quicker than with traditional liposuction alone. Most patients take approximately 1 to 7 days off work. You will need to avoid strenuous activities for about a week, but walking and light activity can help you heal more quickly. To limit swelling and encourage healing, you will need to wear a compression wrap or garment for about 2 weeks.*

Within about a week your slimmer look will begin to appear as areas firm and swelling subsides. Areas will continue to improve over the following weeks.

Getting Started

The first step to achieving your cosmetic goals is to request a consultation with Dr. D’Amico, who serves patients from the New York metro area. He enjoys spending time with you one-on-one to understand your objectives and give his professional opinion about the procedures that will work best for you. The consultation fee is applied toward your Smartlipo treatment or any surgical procedure you choose. We are also happy to schedule appointments by phone.


* = Results may vary