There’s Plenty of Time to Prepare for the Holiday Season

Plastic SurgeryBecause we are ramping up to the full-swing of the holiday season, you might feel that there is little to no time to get yourself ready. With a long shopping list and equally daunting list of holiday gatherings to attend, not to mention all that gift-wrapping, taking time to attend to facial or body concerns may seem impossible. It also may seem too late. Neither of those things needs to be true. Here, we will look at a few of our popular treatments that you may want to consider as you prepare for the holiday season.

Body Contouring

Liposuction is typically a procedure that we advise planning ahead for. This is because traditional liposuction may cause swelling and bruising that last a few months. Patients of our Englewood, NJ have the option of an easier approach to body contouring: HydraSolve. This minimally disruptive procedure involves low-energy Tissue Liquefaction Technology™ that enables patients to undergo their fat-reducing treatment with only local anesthetic, or with this numbing medication as well as sedation for a peaceful journey to their better body. Because fat cells are precisely targeted and broken up before removal, recovery from this procedure is much faster, with minimal, if any, swelling.

Facial Rejuvenation

Thanks to the power of advanced technologies and injectable solutions, many of our patients are able to reduce the signs of aging with very little downtime, if any at all. Facial rejuvenation in our Bergen County plastic surgery office is customized to your unique needs and expectations. We may use neuromodulators to raise the drooping brow or erase worry lines. Dermal fillers immediately fill in lines and creases, as well as the lips, cheeks, or hands.

Advanced technology such as ultrasound provides lasting results for patients who want tighter, younger-looking skin. We are proud to offer Ultherapy treatment, and encourage patients to schedule treatments a week or two in advance of their big holiday event. Slight redness and swelling may linger for 7 to 10 days.

Dr. D’Amico and our staff with our patients a beautiful holiday season. To schedule your pre-party skin rejuvenating treatment, call 201-567-9595.

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