This Is How Plastic Surgery Can Change What Strangers Think About You

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We all know plastic surgery can change the way other people think about the way you look, but did you also know it has an impact on how others perceive your personality? It’s true, according to researchers behind a new study published recently in JAMA Facial Plastic Surgery.

The study found women who had facial rejuvenation surgery were thought to be not only better looking, but also more likable after surgery. What’s more interesting is those whose plastic surgery results were noticeable were seen as less personable by the participants, who used a technique called “facial profiling” in the study.

I’ve always said that if it looks like plastic surgery, then it’s bad plastic surgery. This new study is proof that bad plastic surgery can have a negative impact on your life, from job interviews to everyday interactions.

In order to achieve natural-appearing results, I insist upon:

  • A 2-Step Consultation Process: My plastic surgery patients in New Jersey receive not just 1, but 2 consultation appointments. The initial consultation is a 1-on-1 meeting to discuss your aesthetic goals and decide on an appropriate plan. During your second consultation, which is included with your fee, patients are welcome to bring family members or other loved ones to ensure everyone is completely comfortable and confident before a surgery date is booked.
  • A belief that surgery is not always the best option: Patients are often surprised when I, a board-certified plastic surgeon by trade, suggest they do not have surgery. But I truly believe the best course of option does not always need to involve going under the knife. There are many wonderful non-surgical options for rejuvenation and body contouring.
  • A viewpoint that plastic surgery is both science and artistry: I have been a plastic surgeon in New Jersey for decades now. I use the most advanced techniques available, but an artistic eye is just as important. If you are considering a procedure yourself, my biggest recommendation to you would be to hire a plastic surgeon who is board certified and has earned a reputation for consistently achieving natural-looking results.

The best part about being a plastic surgeon is witnessing the change in my patients’ confidence and happiness levels after their transformation. So I’m not really surprised to hear that surgery can change the way others perceive your personality for the better. Happiness is noticeable, and there’s nothing like a natural glow that comes from within. If you’d like to get your glow back, feel free to request a consultation.

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