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The face is one of the first places where age makes an appearance. And once it does, it may be difficult to know how to go about restoring the youthful appearance that accurately depicts how you feel on the inside. With so many options available today, you may question which is the best treatment for your unique concerns.

For many years, the surgical facelift has been the ultimate standard of care to correct facial aging. Due to the representation is given this procedure by more than a few high-profile people, there has been a shift away from surgical facial rejuvenation, but this need not be the case. One of the biggest reasons to consider a facelift from a reputable New Jersey plastic surgeon like Dr. D’Amico is because this customized procedure can address multiple problems at once. A few of them include:

Common Facelift Procedures

The Drooping Jowl

One of the most revered signs of the youthful face is a sharp jaw line. With age, the angular contours are replaced with softening, and then with pockets of fat that hang from each side of the face. The correction of sagging jowls may just be one of the greatest advantages of the surgical facelift, which tightens the ligament along the jaw line to better support overlying tissue.

The Double Chin

In addition to volume accumulation at the jaw line, there is also a gathering of fat cells in the crease beneath the chin that occurs as the connective tissues of the face become more lax. We know this as the double chin, and many people are now obtaining Kybella treatment to resolve unwanted fat in this localized area. The magic of the facelift is that it does more than remove extra fat; it also tightens the structure of support to promote lasting sharpness of this angle.

The Loss of Volume

It is interesting how facial aging occurs. We lose volume in the mid-face and notice that our cheeks are not as high and round as they used to be. The fluid and tissue that is lost from the mid-face then seem to migrate to the jowls and the chin. Volume loss can, to some degree, be corrected with injectable solutions. One of the best methods, however, is to incorporate fat injections with the facelift. In combination, the redraping of superficial muscles and the addition of fat to specific locations achieves beautiful results.

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