Tummy Tuck Surgery Offers Powerful Effects

Cellulite removal scheme on body girl.Sometimes, when people talk about abdominoplasty, they use words like “nip” and “tuck.” This implies that the tummy tuck may make minor tweaks to one’s appearance. There is so much more to the tummy tuck than that. This procedure, carefully performed around each patient’s needs and desired outcome, is a powerful form of body contouring. Trimming and tightening the abdomen can sculpt the body and create an hourglass figure that beautifully fosters ideal body proportions. The tummy tuck goes far, far beyond what can be achieved with diet and exercise, which is one of the most common reasons for its enduring popularity. Here, we discuss just what a tummy tuck can do.

Reshaping Abdominal Musculature

If you look at before and after images of people who’ve had a tummy tuck, you might wonder how removing excess skin can have such a profound effect on shape. The tummy tuck doesn’t just tighten excess skin. It goes deeper. During a tummy tuck, the surgeon first looks at the musculature of the abdominal wall. In some instances, the muscles have separated. This is called diastasis recti. People who have experienced abdominal muscle separation often have a round, protruding lower belly or a visible, soft “pooch” under the belly button. No matter how much one cuts calories and exercises, it is not possible to repair significant diastasis recti. The tummy tuck provides long-term improvements by repairing the separated muscle and, over the top of that tightened, toned muscle, smoothing out layers of connective tissue and skin.

Contouring the Figure

It’s easy to think that a tummy tuck is suited to the person who wants to eliminate excess abdominal fat and skin. However, the focus on this area alone can have a big impact on shape as a whole. Your plastic surgeon uses artful techniques to improve the overall shape of the torso as it relates to the rest of the body. For example, patients who would be described as having an “apple shape” can finally enjoy having a contoured waist. Surgical planning occurs after a thorough consultation in which the doctor and patients discuss the desired outcome. In some cases, the doctor may recommend extending the tummy tuck around the sides or including liposuction to “carve out” more visible curves in the midsection. There is nothing cookie-cutter about the tummy tuck. Each surgery is carefully planned around the individual patient.

Restoring Confidence

A soft, sloppy-looking abdomen can be a significant concern. People of all ages work tirelessly to correct this problem to no avail. The tummy tuck picks up where a healthy diet and exercise routine leaves off. In this way, having abdominoplasty can actually work in concert with those healthy lifestyle habits. Seeing the results that felt out of reach for so long, many patients regain the motivation that had begun to wane due to lack of visible improvement. Not only do they feel more confident after surgery but they also feel a resurgence in their desire to keep up their work at maintaining a gorgeous body.

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