Want to Know What to Expect after Breast Reduction?


Breast reduction is a procedure that many more women – and even some men – are seeking today. It used to be that we heard about breast augmentation and all of the benefits women were gaining from enlarging their breasts. Now, we hear more from those who have made necessary modifications in order to feel more comfortable in their own skin.

Having excess breast tissue removed is not a matter of appearance only. Patients who visit our Englewood plastic surgery office for reduction often report doing so because they have grown tired of the physical pain caused by oversized breasts. The indentations from bra straps and chronic head and neck pain are frustrations that you shouldn’t have to live with. If you want to know more about breast reduction surgery, we invite you to schedule a consultation with us. For now, let’s look at the recovery aspect of this process.

The Road to Recovery after Breast Reduction

During the breast reduction procedure, the fatty tissue that gives breasts their volume is reduced in a careful manner that achieves the desired shape. Overlying skin is tightened, and the areolas altered appropriately in a forward-facing position. Clearly, there is a bit of tissue disruption going on. However, this does not mean that recovery from breast reduction is complex. With a few tips, the process can be quite comfortable.

  • The medication prescribed prior to your procedure should be taken as directed. We often sense a temptation to forego pain medication, at least prescription strength. While the discomfort that you experience may be very mild, you may not want to wait and see. Prescription pain medication is safe and can keep you from unnecessary stress in the first few days after your procedure.
  • Get support. Support may come in the form of childcare or cooking. Another vital form of support is what you get from your surgical bra. This garment prevents too much movement in the sensitive surgical area.
  • Speaking of sensitivity . . . Soreness around the nipples and across the chest may prevent you from wanting to shower. Fortunately, this tends to resolve in a day or two, letting you get back to your normal grooming routine.
  • Go slow. Normal physical activity will take a few weeks to ease into. That includes work and, especially, exercise.

We are happy to provide you with the information you need to feel confident about breast reduction. Call 201-567-9595 to schedule your consultation.

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