What You Should Know about Kybella

Kybella Englewood NJ | Double Chin Reduction New JerseyKybella quickly became “The Treatment” after its initial approval just a few years ago. Even as patients discovered that more than a few pin-prick injections would be needed to achieve their desired outcome, offices across the country have continued to receive frequent inquiries into Kybella treatment. In our Englewood, NJ plastic surgery practice, we are pleased to provide the option for non-surgical chin contouring using the power of the natural fat fighter, deoxycholic acid. At the same time, it is important that we provide patients with the best treatment for them.

There aren’t many factors that may make you a better candidate for neck liposuction than Kybella, but we want you to know important details so you can make the most educated decision about your care.

Kybella and Your Skin

The objective of Kybella injectable treatment is to reduce the number of fat cells that reside in the pocket of skin beneath the chin. The deoxycholic acid in Kybella is a fat-disruptor. This chemical dismantles fat cells and allows fat to be metabolized over a relatively short period. Nowhere in this process of injections, absorption, and fat metabolism is there action in the skin. Therefore, if there is any amount of skin laxity or looseness, fat reduction alone may make the problem appear worse. Ideal candidates for Kybella have a reasonably firm tissue.

Kybella and Your Expectations

One of the primary advantages of Kybella treatment is the absence of anesthesia, incisions, and all things related to surgical procedures. Because this method of localized fat-reduction involves injections only, there is a perception that Kybella is a “lunchtime procedure.” This may be true for some people, but not for everyone. It is important to know that, sometime after injections, as fat cells absorb deoxycholic acid and become swollen. This swelling can last a few days and may seem slightly noticeable. For this reason, some patients choose to have their Kybella injections before the weekend.

Many of our patients are ideal candidates for double-chin treatment using Kybella. If you would like to know how this in-office procedure compares to liposuction for fat removal from the chin area, schedule a consultation with Dr. D’Amico at 201-567-9595.

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