Which Way to Your Best Body?

Body Contouring Englewood NJWhen it comes to getting into shape, we’ve long believed that the way to a better body traveled through the gym and the kitchen. How long have you been trying to achieve your personal best with diet and exercise? If you’re reading this, it’s safe to say that your commitment has only partially paid off. You may have reached a weight that you can maintain for the foreseeable future but continue to feel frustrated by stubborn fatty deposits. We’ve met many people in that exact situation, and their question is often whether they should undergo CoolSculpting or liposuction to put the finishing touches on their shape.

The choice between CoolSculpting and liposuction may seem somewhat difficult. Each body-contouring technique offers significant benefits. Each has performed extremely well in clinical trials. The results achieved with either technique can be maintained for years with healthy lifestyle habits. These details are good to know, but there’s more to explore to truly find your perfect body-slimming strategy, things like:

What areas are problematic?

This is a relatively easy question because we’re all experts at honing in on aspects of our appearance that we don’t love. You probably need about one second to answer this question, which is good because it gets you to the answer you really seek faster. The area that you wish to treat may help us determine the best approach because, although few, CoolSculpting does have limitations on treatment areas. Currently, CoolSculpting is used to reduce fatty deposits on the lower abdomen, flanks, thighs, back, backs of the arms, and the chin. Liposuction treats the same areas but in a different manner. Remember, CoolSculpting focuses on a precise area of fat using cooling panels. Liposuction can extend the boundaries of the treatment area more easily due to fat removal using a cannula. Liposuction allows us to actually SHAPE your body, not just reduce fat in certain areas.

Is there more than one problem area?

Sometimes we get so focused on one problem that we overlook the relationship with surrounding areas. For example, reducing fatty deposits on the outer thighs may lead to the appearance of bigger hips. Talking with an experienced provider, it is much more possible to achieve the full extent of fat reduction that is needed to bring the body into the desired proportion. CoolSculpting can be performed on multiple areas, so this should not be ruled out immediately. However, when non-surgical treatment is selected for multiple areas, a commitment to longer or more numerous sessions may be necessary. One of the benefits of liposuction is that only one session is needed to address multiple areas of the body.

We are well aware of the benefits of CoolSculpting as well as liposuction. To learn more about each of these body-sculpting techniques, contact our office in Englewood, New Jersey at 201.567.9595.

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