Why Your Eyes Look Older

Closeup Of Handsome Male Face With Black Marks On Skin Under Eye.The eyes are said to be the windows to the soul because they often give away what we are truly feeling. On a more scientific level, the eyes have an integral part in communication. We read each other not only by listening to words that are spoken but also by observing body language and facial expressions. The eyes are paramount to this even when we don’t intend them to be. The problem with this is that the eyes may make us appear one way when that is far from the truth. For example, brows that sag at the outer corners may make us look sad or downtrodden even when we feel happy. Here, we discuss some of the reasons the eyes may look older and what we can do to correct these issues.


Frown lines are a common problem that middle-aged and older adults feel self-conscious about. It’s well-understood that frown lines indicate that we are not happy with a situation or person. The human brain does not immediately observe a frowning person and justify the reason. A frown equals anger or unfriendliness. It makes us want to avoid whoever is on the giving end. But what if that person is us? Your frown lines may not come from you feeling angry. They may have formed over years of staring, squinting at a computer or at the sun. Sure, you’ve also probably frowned more than a few times in your life. That doesn’t mean you should be burdened with etched-in frown lines forevermore. Fortunately, It is easy to correct this age-related concern. A few injections of Botox or, as an alternative, Jeuveau, can smooth frown lines out beautifully. Treatment takes less than half an hour and produces results that can last three to six months.

Sagging Brows

The natural, youthful position of the brows is very near to the upper orbital rim. This is the bony ridge that sits over the eye socket. Some people have naturally low-set eyebrows. For the vast majority of people, though, eyebrow position changes with age. The problem with descending eyebrows is that the upper eyelid can then become heavy and saggy itself. This creates a bit of a chicken-or-the-egg situation. Are the upper eyelids loose and heavy or is the brow line being pulled downward? A board-certified plastic surgeon can tell. A brief examination of the eyebrows and the upper eyelids can lead to the most appropriate treatment plan. When the brows are no longer resting at their natural, youthful position near the bony ridge, a brow lift may be ideal. This may be a surgical brow lift or, for subtler improvement, may involve injections of Botox or Jeuveau. If the brows are where they belong and the upper eyelids still look heavy and saggy, the best approach may be a minimally-invasive eyelid lift. The blepharoplasty procedure is very conservative and yet it achieves results that last many years.

Eye Hollows

Dark circles around the eyes make the face look tired. Sometimes, all that is needed is a few good nights of sleep. However, persistent dark circles are often genetically predisposed, a problem that involves allergies or even skin tone. The appearance of darkening is really shadows. Although frustrating, shadowing can be corrected. Shadows are created by the way that light reflects off a surface. To eliminate dark circles under the eyes, a doctor or trained nurse injector can change the angle of the surface of the skin. This is done by injecting dermal fillers into what is called the tear trough. The tear trough is the line that appears at the transition of the upper cheek to the lower eyelid. Like other injectables, this treatment takes only a few minutes. The best part is that the results appear immediately and can last many months.

Aging happens. However, it doesn’t have to diminish our sense of confidence. For help addressing aging eyes, contact our Englewood, NJ office at 201.567.9595

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