Working Out After Cosmetic Surgery

Plastic Surgery Englewood NJA significant number of cosmetic surgery procedures are performed after a person has implemented healthy dietary and exercise habits to achieve their body-contouring goals. These strategies are beneficial to overall health and wellness, as we all know, but they may not give every person the body they see themselves in. This is why cosmetic body-shaping procedures continue to be popular.

Whether you are considering a breast augmentation, breast reduction (male or female), liposuction, or a tummy tuck, we know that you may quickly experience a desire for exercise after your cosmetic procedure. In most cases, exercise is a possibility after a few weeks of rest. However, it is essential to know how to ease the body back into an exercise routine in the safest possible manner.

General Guidelines for Post-Surgical Workouts

  • Take a few days off. Rest may just be what the body needs most after cosmetic surgery. Whether you’ve had liposuction, breast augmentation, or an eyelid lift, give your body a few days of complete downtime to do nothing but heal.
  • Go easy. When that urge to work out strikes, remember to take it slow. Think of your lightest possible routine, and then go lighter. Also, go for a shorter period. There’s plenty of time to build back up to your norm gradually.
  • Listen to your body. That old term “no pain, no gain” has no place in post-surgical workouts. None. Drop it straight to the ground or don’t go to the gym at all. That’s how serious this is. If the return to your old routine causes pain, especially in your surgical area, stop. Go home. Rest.
  • Listen to your doctor. Post-surgical follow-up visits are scheduled accordingly to observe the progress of recovery and remove stitches, if necessary. During these visits, you can ask about exercise, sex, and other activities in which you are interested. As your incisions and tissues heal, you will have the ability to resume all of them and more.

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