Your Guide to Breast Enhancement Benefits

Breast Enhancement new jersey

One of the main reasons I enjoy being a plastic surgeon is helping patients have increased confidence in their bodies. For many women, breast enhancement surgery can be a life-changing event. It’s interesting to hear patients describe the benefits they experienced after surgery, whether it was breast reduction, breast augmentation, or another procedure.

My New Jersey practice serves women from throughout the region who are considering breast enhancement surgery for a range of reasons. Although they each have unique backgrounds and motivations, they share a desire to look and feel their best. Each type of surgery has specific benefits that help them reach that goal:

  • Breast augmentation: When a woman considering getting breast implants comes in for a consultation, we have a conversation about her goals and why she wants to increase the size of her breasts. As you might imagine, each patient articulates her answer differently. But the majority wants to feel more feminine and believes that augmentation surgery is one way to meet that goal.
  • Breast lift: Many women want a breast lift after they’re finished having children to restore the breasts’ youthful contours. It’s also common for patients whose breasts have sagged with age to want a lift. Lifts are all about restoring a woman’s perkiness and confidence.
  • Breast reduction: Some of the most satisfied patients I see are those who come in for breast reduction surgery. In some cases, they have endured neck, shoulder, or back pain for years because of the weight of their breasts.
  • Breast reconstruction: Women who are diagnosed with cancer have better breast reconstruction options today than ever before. There is a significant emotional benefit of knowing that improved reconstruction techniques available today can produce results that look and feel like natural breasts.

Additionally, patients who have already had augmentation surgery may decide to exchange their breast implants at my New Jersey practice with an updated style through implant revision surgery. Many patients in that situation will combine a breast lift with revision surgery. To get the maximum benefit from any breast enhancement surgery, make sure you choose an experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon.

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