If You’re Considering Dermal Fillers, You Need to Know What to Expect

Dermal Fillers Englewood NJOver the last several years, we have experienced exponential growth in the field of aesthetic medicine. This is largely due to the development and refinement of various non-surgical techniques. Some of the primary treatments that are sought by men and women of all ages are injectable wrinkle reducers. In a close second to Botox® are dermal fillers of all types. Fillers have numerous advantages whether they are an adjunct to Botox® or even to facial rejuvenation surgery. However, there are details that every patient should know.

What is a dermal filler?

Dermal filler products are also referred to as soft tissue fillers because they are used in the superficial soft tissues of the face, neck, and hands. A large number of the fillers that have been developed revolve around the value of hyaluronic acid. This biocompatible chemical is essentially a sugar compound that the body usually generates on its own. That is until we start to age. When precise amounts of hyaluronic acid are introduced into lines and creases, into the lips, or into the cheeks or backs of the hands, water is attracted to the area, where it becomes bound to the acid particles. Over time, product and water disperse, and the plumping effect diminishes. Repeat treatments may occur every 9 months to 2 years, depending on need.

Is there a “best” filler?

What often happens is that patients come in with a particular filler in mind. This often coincides with which manufacturer is doing the best marketing. Ideally, dermal fillers are selected based on the area of treatment and the desired outcome. Some fillers are thicker in their consistency, making them suitable for deeper work or thicker skin. For example, Juvederm Voluma is cross-linked for greater density and is primarily used to restore volume to the cheeks. Thinner Juvederm fillers may be used to subtly augment the lips. Your experienced injector is the best resource for determining which filler is right for which concern.

Fillers as an Alternative to Surgery

Because dermal fillers and other injectables are so popular, there may be a misperception that such treatments can correct aging as good as surgery. This is not true. There is currently no treatment that rivals facial plastic surgery regarding results, nor regarding the longevity of those results. Dermal fillers are suitable for minor facial aging. These temporary products can slightly sharpen the jawline, reduce wrinkles on the face and hands, and also add volume to the backs of the hands, the lips, and the cheeks during the phase of mild to moderate facial aging.

Your Englewood, NJ cosmetic surgeon can provide you with the detailed information you need to successfully achieve facial rejuvenation. Call 201-567-9595 to schedule your consultation.

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