When You’re Ready, You’re Ready!

Anti-Aging Englewood NJ | Dermal FillersIf you’re like most humans, when you reach a point at which you want something, you want it. Now! The term “instant gratification” did not appear out of thin air, it came from changes in our societal norm that have enabled us to get pretty much what we want when we want. Call it our fast-food culture, but we are guilty of wanting to be instantly gratified from time to time. Even when it comes to wanting to look a certain way, the fact is, once you’re ready, waiting can feel torturous. If what you’re ready for is a younger-looking face, we want you to know what you can expect.

Dermal Fillers Meet the Goal

Whether it’s fuller, more defined lips that you want or it is under eye bags that you want to erase, dermal fillers can come to your rescue – and fast! Dermal fillers immediately do one of two things . . . Natural filler products were containing hyaluronic acid smooth lines and fill hollow areas by attracting water to the connective tissue beneath the skin. The union between hyaluronic acid and water can last several months. Other fillers rebuild the framework of the superficial tissues with tiny particles of synthetic product. This product is metabolized over time, but not before it can stimulate new collagen formation. If dermal fillers are included in your aesthetic treatment, you can expect to look like a younger, more vibrant you when you leave the office.


This injectable wrinkle-reducer works quickly, but not immediately. This is because it takes time for the purified toxin to fully interrupt nerve transmissions that allow muscles to contract. It is possible to notice a reduction in brow furrows or worry lines the day of your Botox treatment. If you don’t, that doesn’t mean it’s not working. It just means a little more time is needed. Usually, the fullest effect from Botox treatment is revealed about 7 days after injections.

We offer several non-surgical modalities to improve the appearance of your face and body. See how our services can benefit you. Call 201-567-9595 to schedule a consultation in our Englewood office.

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